Dem Alexis McGill Johnsonon on Obama: “He’s Already the King”

While the Obama love affair continues, it appears some Democrats may choose to keep their relationship out of the spotlight as we head into November. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said “I’m not encouraging anyone to go to the convention”, based on the Dem’s newly adopted politics is local theme. While this may be true, it was no too long ago that any Democrat would have given their right arm to get a snapshot with their rock star idol, President Obama. (If they have a right arm.)

While they still may believe what he stands for, many are silently stepping out of the picture for one reason; self-preservation. Only one thing is more important than ideology to many liberals, and that is job security. It seems they are finding out that they have more in common with their constituents than they thought.

Alexis McGill Johnson, Democrat and Executive Director of the American Values Institute commented on FNC about Obama: “He’s already the King. What do you mean his coronation, he’s already the King…” In fairness, this was a response to President Obama’s “coronation” as the Democratic nominee. While it was most definitely an unfortunate gaffe, it doesn’t mean it’s not how many Dem’s actually feel. They just need to keep that to themselves, for now…

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